Elements Interactive: Blazar v1.5

Blazar is a classic arcade-style sidescrolling shoot-em-up game situated in space. Collect powerups, bonuses and weapon upgrades, shoot as many enemies as possible and try to stay alive!

Features :
  • A unique level every time you play
  • On-screen radar to see your enemies and powerups up front
  • The game gets harder as you progress
  • Enemies get smarter when the game gets harder
  • Multiple bosses
  • Different weapon upgrades and other powerups
  • Excellent pre-rendered graphics
  • Cool particle effects
  • Control your ship with D-Pad, Stylus or Jog (depending on your device)
  • Configurable controls
  • Online highscore publishing
  • Addictive gameplay

More download for all supported platforms click here

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