New Method to Hack Java Permission Symbian

When we run a java application such as: file X-plorer, opera mini, and as it, often "java midlet permissions" often makes us uncomfortable. To get around it, I have a special trick you midlet permissions disappeared earlier. And have you ever come across sentences like this when playing the applications 'allow user applications to read data' or 'allow application to read data'? Sometimes this also makes us upset, therefore you are also a good idea to hack java permissions, Follow and refer tutorial explained that I will not.
Applications required:
  1. Rompatcher
  2. c2zbin application
  3. Java hack software
The Method :
  1. Install Rompatcher and java hack in drive phone C:\
  2. Extracts then you will get "c2zbin.rmp" and "c2zbin.rmp" put in E:\ patches
  3. Open the application Rompatcher c2zbin on Apply and then add to auto
  4. Reboot your phone and enjoy.
So the java permissions have been successfully hacked. Good luck

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