TimeTool Solutions v1.2.3 S60v3 and S60v5

Timer :
The Timer module is a counter for short time periods. If required you can be notified about the remaining time by voice. The Timer can be activated manually or trough other modules such as the Planner and the Multitimer to remind you of important appointment

The Planner module supports the calendar application. It helps you to manage less important or recurrent dates. By using one of TimeTools special alarm-signals you'll be enabled to distinguish different dates (of the calendar and/or planner) by sound. With the event Activate Profile you can switch the phones profile by time.

Announces the time or plays a sound on opening or closing the device.
(This module is not part of all TimeTool versions)

For timing of each type with immediate time measuring. You can read out all the intermediate times that you have requested since starting the stopwatch in the statistic view.

The MultiTimer allows you to organize important appointments, even if they are in the longer future (years for instance). It can even show you the reamining time to the selected appointment. With the MultiTimer module you will never miss important events (This module is not part of all TimeTool variants)

Serial: Register With 13 Zeros

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