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I remember when I had just started setting up my personal blog way back in March 2008, a friend / mentor sent me a list to your blog on many web directories as possible. Being a beginner in the world of blogging, of course, I asked then how important it is to add my blog in a particular web directory. The traffic is very important to every blog and sign up for many established and trusted web directory I am very confident that it will help me get exposure among the searchers. As days passed, I saw the visitors coming from the web directory where I listed in my blog traffic from a map and a list of referrers.

Nothing is lost adding a blog from a web directory such as most of them free, or you just need to exchange links with them. Prices are very cheap compared to the extensive exposure and unlimited you will get traffic to your beloved blog.

As far as I have observed, most web directories do not charge for the review and the listing. I do not submit my blogs and my websites to paid web directories, though. However, as a gesture of thanks, I always make it a point to link back to the directory somewhere in my blogs and websites, most often in the sidebar. Interestingly, some web directories also require reciprocal links in order to be accepted in their categories.

so why submit to business web directory?

It is because search engines voraciously consume information on these web directories because the links here are already validated. Not only that, web directories are well ranked on various search engines and they attract lots of traffic! It is also easier for people to search in web directories because the categories are already there.

If you have blogs or websites, try submitting them to web directories now!

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