System Seven Symbian Push Email Client

System Seven is a push email application available for Symbian OS. This application is able to do push email on multiple email accounts at once. System Seven supports multiple email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc. including an account that supports POP and IMAP. In fact, support also for work email / email the office that supports OWA (Outlook Web Access), so you can access your work email at any time, using your mobile phone.
Feature System Seven Symbian :
  • Boosted User Adoption: Seven drives near 100% adoption of messaging services.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: 93% of Seven customers would recommend the service to friends, family and colleagues
  • Device Independence: Seven turns over 500 million phones into highly functional messaging devices
  • Simplified Service Delivery: One platform for many services and devices eliminates delivery headaches
  • Reliable, Proven to Scale: Millions of users worldwide rely on Seven to stay in touch anytime, anywhere
  • Reduced Costs: One integrated solution for many services drive down costs from device integration to user support
  • All You Need: Seven Push Technology can be applied to any data and any service
Download System Seven Symbian with QT libraries

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