SymSMS app to Personalize Ringtones SMS

SymSMS is the app that created to Personalize SMS ring tones in accordance with a contact / number. So by using this application you can differentiate between the SMS ring tones number of contacts that one with another contact number.
Thus will help us to know the sender of the SMS even though we have not opened our cell phones. Different ring tones issued when there is incoming SMS will give cues when SMS is sent from the number of contacts whom. SymSMS very helpful especially for those of you who rarely control the phone, and just knowing SMS only with signals issued a ringing tone.
To use SymSMS app is very easy, if after app is installed does not work try to install the basic package of Python. Install the Python-3 components before installing a new app then install this SymSMS SymSMS apps. After the app can operate only then determine its own SMS ringtone for each contact number. If you are interested to try it please download the app and component SymSMS Python on the link below.
Download SymSMS for Symbian S60v3 and S60v5

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