Kane And Lynch Dead Men

Help kane & lynch. a flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath. on a chaotic path of redemption and revenge. you're controlling kane and lynch. while playing you can switch focus by pressing the # button. when controlling kane, you can move him around the level using the directional keys or 2,8,4,6 and 1,3 to jump left or right. press 5 to use switches or shoot. when controlling lynch you're not anle to move him. instead you control lynch's crosshair by using the directional keys or the keypad to move it around. and press 5 to shoot.

The mobile version of Kane and Lynch takes the gritty essence of IO’s new blockbuster title and combines it with innovative design to create a unique game for mobile handsets - IO have worked closely with the developer - to make sure the game offers a true Kane and lynch experience to gamers on all platforms

Options :
switch sound on and off with fire or 5. change the volume by pressing right or left.
Select language: english, deutsch, francais, italiano, espanol.

Download (S60V2)

Download (S60V3)

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