Renamer with Python

Renaming in a menu based on editing caption.rsc-file. after you have chosen program fom the menu options press Rename in menu. the editing window will pop up. first name will be seen under program icon in a menu, second name will be seen in program startup in upper part of the screen... hese names could me named the same or they might be different, could be named in any language. in some programs second name may not be changed adn will be same as default. name length limit is 9 symbols... this function is based on creating the file "programname_caption.rsc" program which have this file already, the old rsc-file will be saved in a program folder with *.rsc_old prefix. in case if you need get back to rename file with the prefix *.aif (for example by editing symbol or a number *.aif_1), delete file "programname_caption.rsc" bring file "_caption.rsc_old" to the previous name by erasing_old and finally rename back file of the icon *.aif.

Download (renamer and python)

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