Mobile Game Street Cricket 1.0.5 S60v3

Street Cricket! Play your favorite sport on the streets and smash sixes and fours into buildings, cars and other local establishments! Street Cricket provides players with 3 different modes of game play - batting, bowling and match mode and selectable game lengths. Dynamic game mechanics with simple one thumb controls allow for hours of fun.
The objective of the game is to win the game by achieveing targets while batting and defending targets while bowling. In Match mode, play a complete match against the computer to see if you can make it on the mean streets.

While batting, use the left / right navigation keys or 4 and 6 on the keypad to move your batsman on the pitch to meet the bounce of the ball. Press the Fire / 5 key to trigger a shot. Time your shots depending on the bounce and pitch of the ball to score runs.

Shots range from hooks, pulls, sweeps and defensive. It's that easy! In Bowling, use the left / right / up / down navigation or 2,4,6 and 8 on the keypad to seleect the length/bounce of the ball. Press Fire / 5 to confirm the same resulting in the Speed bar being displayed. Press Fire / 5 to confirm the speed at which the ball is bowled. Be careful not to reach the RED zone on the speed bar. This will result in a No Ball. Use the Left / 4 key to swing/spin outwards, the Right / 6 key to swing/spin inwards and the Up / 2 key to bowl straight.

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