WebGate Easy Reject v1.07.175 SymbianOS9.x

Easy Reject (ER)is an easy, yet powerful tool for filtering incoming phone calls and SMS messages.

Easy Reject blocks incoming calls with a busy tone. Short messages are filtered with no sound or light indication and can be viewed in a separate message log in the ER interface.
To block certain contacts, you just need to import them in the application and if you wish to stop rejecting their calls / messages, simply delete them from the application menu. You can import contacts from phonebook, from phone log and manually. Hidden callers can also be blocked. Easy Reject keeps a log of all rejected calls and messages. Details of each rejected event can be viewed in a separate screen, blocked messages can be read and restored. Easy Reject will be always on unless you “Exit” it from “Options - Exit”.

What do you need Easy Reject for?
Keep a person off your mobile life - ER will filter both calls and short-messages from this contact. You will not be disturbed any more. Not get disturbed by low priority calls - you may wish not to pick up the call from a specific contact at the moment but not be impolite by leaving the phone ringing.
Stop callers whose numbers cannot be retrieved
Protect from call & SMS SPAM if you receive a lot of advertisement calls and/or junk SMS.
Keep your SMS communication private - messages will be filtered with no sound or light indication. However, note that calls from this person will be rejected as well.

Easy Reject competitive features:
  • Indicator on your phone’s status bar which shows when ER is active
  • Auto-start mode
  • Blocked messages can be easily viewed and restored
  • Various contact import options - import from phone log, import from phonebook, manual import
  • Full reject entry log with a detail screen for each reject entry
 Download WebGate Easy Reject

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