Increase Link Popularity and Backlink

Another way to increase your Page Rank is to increase our link popularity. When I started blogging I was paying attention to how to increase the Page Ranks and the like. In some research, I learned that the popularity of the link is proportional to the Page Rank. Link popularity is the number of sites linking to you. Sometimes we call back the link. There are many ways to improve the link popularity but the question is the weight you gain back links. A way to improve the quality back links is through directory submission.

So, how do we make any backlink? Yeah,, here is the point. We can make some backlink using web directory instead of by blogwalking to other sites/ blogs. Do you know web directory? I am sure you do. Web directories make our blogs have many backlink. Just use business web directoryyou can find over the internet, such as dmoz, Yahoo! Directory or use this one, business directory As you know, dmoz is owned by Google. So, if you thought Google doesn't have a web directory, you were wrong. Just feel easy to input/ submit your site’s URL to other web directories. Not just one web directory. The more you submit, the better backlink you get.

But, of course we have to wait a few days (usually 1-2 day) before we can see our site in the web directories. Admin of the website usually do a little review of the site we submitted.

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