Games Prince of Persia HD s60v3

The mysterious adventures of the east are back on your S60 smartphones with this legendary game Prince of Persia HD now being available for Nokia Series 60 and N-Gage second generation devices. Hell is upon us and you are the only savior left to mankind, you will have to save the world from pure menace and absolute darkness with the help of your “sidekick”.

A 2D game in nature though it seems to be pushing the boundaries of the 3D arena, Prince of Persia HD is one of those Nokia N-Gage games which almost anyone will like playing to pass time. hang over the walls, cling on the last corners of a terrace or simply slash down enemies with swords. Prince of Persia HD brings total fun to mobile gaming by letting you rip off and skate alongside the laser beam.

Game Features:

The story of the game is one of the positive sides and the fact that this is one of those games which more or less everyone have heard of makes it even more easy to like. In a world of magic you will have to complete episodes and checkpoints before killing off a boss so that you can advance to the next stage

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