Turn your iPhone into Blu-ray Remote Control

BD Touch turns your iPhone into a fully functional remote control for your Blu-ray player. Infact it is either than a standard remote control in some of the aspects like enabling text entry with the iPhone's qwerty keyboard for entering login information for BD Live features. Some of the features of this app are:
  • Searchs the disc for mobile content and downloads it directly to your handset with Blu Explore.
  • With BD Touch you can transfer videos, songs, ringtones, wallpaper, images, and more.
  • Get movie information and trivia with BD Touch app.
The following Blu-Ray players supports this app:
  • SONY PS3, s350
  • LG BD300, BD390, BD370
  • OPPO BDP83
  • PANASONIC BD35, BD50, BD60
  • PHILIPS 5010
  • SAMSUNG P2550, P3600
Download BD Touch free from iTunes.

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