TrackMyJourney v0.6.0 Java Mobile

TrackMyJourney is a Java mobile phone application that uses GPS data, view and share tracks recorded from GPS devices. Used with a compatible Mobile Phone, Bluetooth GPS Receiver and our TMJ-Mobile software, it can also display your live location on a map, and allow others to follow your footsteps.
How it works:
  • Firstly you need a GPS Receiver.
  • which calculates your location. This is then sent via bluetooth to a compatible mobile phone.
  • running TMJ-Mobile. The phone processes the data and transmits your location via the mobile network.
  • to the TrackMyJourney server. Vistors to
  • (to whom you have granted access) can then view your live location online

Download TrackMyJourney v0.6.0:
you must first log-in to your TrackMyJourney account. If you do not have an account, please register here (its free)

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