iGammon for iPhone Games

Backgammon is a lot of fun with iGammon. It’s easy to move the checkers by dragging them. Or touch a checker you want to move, then the point you want to move it to. The smooth animation gives the game a great feel. In table stakes, you and your opponent start with an equal number of chips. The goal is to collect all the chips before your opponent does. Use the doubling cube to increase the stakes.

If you play with the “Jacoby rule”, iGammon and backgammon don’t count unless the cube has been turned. If you play with the “Beavers rule”, a player who accepts a double may immediately redouble and still keep the cube.

iGammon iPhone Game Features:
  • Landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Fast animation.
  • Autoplay forced moves.
  • The “auto finish” feature plays both sides to the end of the game.
  • Undo button lets you to take back moves.
  • Repeat button lets you see your opponent’s move again.
  • Running pip count.
  • Choose direction of play. Bear off either to the left or to the right.
  • Reverse colors. Choose red or yellow checkers.
  • Human-vs-human play. Use your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch as a traveling backgammon board!
  • Tutor mode tells you when you’ve made a mistake.
  • Hint feature gives you a suggestion if you can’t decide what to do.
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