Become Stars with Online Games

PokerStars is a great supporter of the online poker community. They ponied up some great stuff for this years WPBT tourney. Well, maybe that title a bit too grand but I have been crushing full ring so far this month. Since exams finished last days, also bumped up my table count from 12 to 18 with decent results, so I should be able to catch up to pace without too much difficulty.

PokerStars needs team online pros. from around the world and as I said one of my biggest advantages is that I come from a small country where there is no pro. online poker sites also know, that because of the taxes we have to pay playing on their site, there aren’t many pro that play the games I do at their site, so I could be a good ambassador for this. Money isn’t everything and I actually began playing on PokerStars this year for two specific reasons. To become part of the exclusive supernova elite club and to give myself a decent chance for this team online!

And it looks like full tilt might have slightly underestimated the interest in checking out what the multi-entries are all about. Check out just the tournaments I regularly look into playing on a nightly basis these days on full tilt during the early evening hours east coast time:

If you're looking for some excellent bang for your texas hold em tournament buying buck, a week of these things here may be right up your alley. You're certainly not going to find much better value than these anywhere on the planet in terms of low-buying, high prize pool tournaments.

But double guarantees week on full tilt will certainly spice up the excitement a bit, and if nothing else it keeps me off of pokerstars for the week. Suddenly a $25.50 buying with a 30k guarantee on pokerstars just doesn't seem all that exciting at 8pm ET, even if I have taken more than 10 grand out of that not just this month so far.

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