bleep!BOX Drum Machine for iPhone

bleep!BOX is a drum machine, synthesizer and sequencer for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. top ranked bleep!BOX #3 in its Top Ten Music apps on the iPad!

bleep!BOX has No samples – every sound is generated in realtime, so you can tweak to your hearts content and kiss repetitive, cookie cutter drum beats and loops goodbye. bleep!BOX is not a simple toy – it’s powerful enough for you to make real music. Great for house, hip hop, R&B, electronica, drum’n’bass, trance, techno, IDM and more.

New: You can now take patterns you make on your mobile device and load them up on your desktop using the bleep!BOX Plugin (VST / AU compatible). See our website for details.

bleep!BOX is the mobile app that musicians, DJs, and producers have been waiting for. Check it out and see why Computer Music Magazine gave it 5/5 stars!

Looking to try out bleep!BOX? Check out bleep!BOX Player for free, which will let you get a feel for the app without having the full feature set.

Features bleep!BOX:
  • Works on both iPhone and iPad (with a custom interface on the iPad)
  • Audio copying via the General Pasteboard method.
  • Realtime processing – NO SAMPLES
  • Classic, tweakable x0x drum emulations
  • Analog style 2-Osc synths
  • 10 parts (voices)
  • 50+ Parameters
  • Ringmod, FM, PhaseMod, Sync, Distortion
  • Global delay FX
  • 8 Waveforms
  • Tempo, swing, pattern length
  • Save patches and presets
  • Live performance modes
  • Step sequencing + recording modes
  • Parameter automation
  • Song Mode: make a song from several patterns.
  • Record songs or Patterns to .WAV
  • VST / AU plugin is available for integration with your DAW (please see our website for details)

Download bleep!BOX for iPhone | for Jailbreak iPhone

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