ThinkBook write notes for iPhone

ThinkBook transforms your iPad into an organizational marvel. Use it to create notebooks and outlines that live and breathe under your fingertips. If you are a professional, you can create minutes of a meeting.
If you are a student, you can create your lecture notes or while looking on a topic, you have questions in your mind, you can write it using ThinkBook on your pad. It doesn’t matter in which phase of life you are, you still need to write and remember stuff and if you have this app in your iPad, things get a lot easier. The designers have tried to make it process faster as they have introduced a slider through which you can easily drags your notes, pages etc and easily copy and rearrange them in the way you like. This app also includes DropBox integration so that you can easily download files from the DropBox.
Download ThinkBook write notes for iPhone

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