Update Google Maps with location history dashboard

A whole new pile of location-aware features for people who leave the house have been added to Android Google Maps, Google bringing its must-have app up to Google Maps version 5.3.
Location History dashboard If you’ve enabled Location History for Google Latitude, you’ve been able to visualize interesting trends in your location history with a personal dashboard at google.com/latitude on your computer. Now, you can also see your dashboard on your phone by tapping View location history from your Latitude profile. You’ll be able to see right on your phone how far you’ve traveled as well as an estimate of how much time you’ve spent at home, at work, or out.
You're now able to view your Location History stats on your phone if you've already enabled it in Google Latitude app, plus there are more "aspects" for users to add when reviewing places. Read a more enthusiastic report about the update over on the Google Mobile Blog.
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