WunderRadio, Radio Streaming Mobile Phone

Wunder Radio provides a quick and easy way to listen to thousands of streaming Internet radio stations and other audio streams on your iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile phone. Download the application to your phone today and browse the enormous directory of stations provided by RadioTime, searching by location and over 400 different genre such as music, talk, sports, and entertainment.
WunderRadio streams all the most popular formats and features a today screen plugin, which enables users to view “now playing” program and song information and select their favorite presets on the device’s main screen instead of having to open the application.
Some Features WunderRadio:
  • Huge directory of stations
  • Currently playing information displays current song and artist
  • Listen to your local hometown radio station from anywhere in the world
  • Find specific stations using the extensive search function
  • Use GPS capabilities to generate a list of all local stations
  • Keep up-to-date with international news and current affairs
  • Listen to live commentary and sports talk
  • Build a list of your favorite stations and shows
  • Play back popular shows at your own leisure if you missed the live broadcast
  • Check emergency scanner streams from ScanAmerica.us
  • Check weather conditions on local NOAA weather radio streams
  • Get local railroad information from RailRoad.net
Download WunderRadio :

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