News Reader for Symbian

Do you want to read your RSS Feeds on your mobile? If your answer is yes, S60 News Reader is the best application to read feeds on your mobile. The best thing in this applications is “Scheduled Feed Update” Feature. You can update your feed list in a defined time. You can add your RSS feeds manually. The newest version of S60 News Reader (1.02.03).
New features in version 1.02.03
  • Optimization for performance and memory management (internal compression of all news items and local files).
  • Faster startup time.
  • New option “Mark as deleted after(days)”. News are marked as deleted after the given period of time. Use “0″ to disable this feature - default “60 days”.
  • If a news feed aliasname has been set only the aliasname is display instead of feed channel titel and description.
  • Optimized for S60TickerServer v1.06. (support for upto 500 news items.)
  • Workaround: Enhanced encoding for wrong server side encoding added (e.g. “ΓΌ”).
  • A warning appears if you try to update in Offline-Mode.
  • BugFix: Last received news item has wrong published date.
  • Minor bugfixes and code optimisation.

Download News Reader for Symbian

download here and more info

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