Nokia Device Status Diagnosis Tools

Nokia Device Status is a self-diagnosis tool that allows you to collect detailed system information of your S60 device. You can view the information from your PC as well as your S60 device. There is a standalone Windows-based application for the PC.
Here is the list of some information you retrieve from the application: device model, software version, IMEI number, total and free memory, installed applications, MCC (Mobile Country Code), MNC (Mobile Network code).
Nokia Device Status is currently released as a beta version on Nokia Beta Labs. who has just been appointed as Head of Nokia Beta Labs, but has brought a lot of “positive changes”.
The data collected from your PC includes:
  • Operating system
  • Language of the operating system vs. that of Nokia PC Suite
  • Version of Nokia PC Suite currently installed on your PC
  • Drivers required to connect your phone to your PC
  • Local time zone
  • Log files created by Nokia PC Suite
  • Regional and language settings
The data collected from your phone includes:
  • Device model
  • IMEI code of the phone
  • Device memory and any available memory card
  • Profiles and themes used on the phone
  • Locations used to store data on the phone
After installation, you can access the application from both your phone and PC. Compatibility: Supported devices:  Should work with all Nokia devices based on S60 3rd Edition and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1. Nokia Device Status doesn’t support S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2. PC with Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit, each). Nokia PC Suite (6.84 or newer) or Nokia Nseries PC Suite needs to be installed on your PC.
Download Nokia Device Status Diagnosis Tools

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