Onward Mobility MobiSecretPremium

After the Application is registered on the Phone, the Menu displays 'Settings' and 'Help'. You can hide messages received from and sent to a few contacts if you don’t wish to hide all the messages you receive or send. The Add number option enables you to enter a number manually or you could choose the contact from the phonebook / Contact list. On dialing #31234 this application will hide all the messages received from and sent to the contact you've selected.
This allows you to hide any folder of your choice. If you want to hide just a few images, videos or sound files, you can simply move that data to one particular folder and have that folder hidden with this option.
Under the "Settings" Option you have:
  • Password: It enables you to change the password set for the application.
  • Hide SMS: It enables you to hide SMS's as per your choice. You have three options to choose from.
  • Hide Images: You can "Enable" or "disable" this option according to your wants.
  • Hide Videos: This hides all the video files on your phone. You can either "enable" or "disable" Hide Sounds: Your sound files can be hidden if you "enable" this option.
MobiSecret Premium Commands (replace 1234 with your own password)
  • #21234 to open the application
  • #31234 to hide data
  • #41234 to unhide data
Feature MobiSecret Premium v1.01 :
  • Hide Your SMS
  • Hide Your Videos
  • Hide Your Images
  • Selective Folder Hiding
  • Hide SMS only from selected contacts
  • Auto Hide incoming messages
Download Onward Mobility MobiSecretPremium v1.01

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