Playing DRM-free Music from iTunes

I think most of you love DRM (Digital Rights Management) free music, don’t you? Personally, I love DRM - free music. It gives freedom for us to play our music in any players and operating systems. Other post on Nokia Support Discussion about DRM-free music from iTunes Plus. As you may already know, Apple has started selling DRM-free songs on iTunes Plus Music Store. Unfortunately, Apple has slightly modified the tag of iTunes Plus songs. As a result, they cannot be played on S60 devices by default.
Mac users don’t have this problem because Nokia Multimedia Transfer properly modifies the tag. Unfortunately, Windows users, who are using PC Suite, cannot enjoy this feature.
Can we still play music from iTunes Plus then? There are possible solutions. Convert to 128 kbps AAC
Converting iTunes Plus music to AAC
The first solution, which I recommend, is convert your iTunes Plus music to 128 kbps AAC. You can do it from iTunes by selecting Advanced | Convert Selection to AAC menu.
The original iTunes Plus music is stored as 256 kbps AAC. Somehow, when you convert it to lower bit rate, the tag can be recognized by S60 devices. It is right that you will degrade the quality, but in my opinion, playing 256 kbps and 128 kbps on mobile phone is not that different.

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