Sharing Photos with Nokia Online Share

Nokia has just recently updated their photo sharing application. It is called Nokia Online Share. By default, Nokia Online Share 2.0 support Flickr and Vox. However, you can add other providers as well as long as they support Atom API.
Before you can use photo sharing service of Nokia Online Share 2.0, you need to activate it. If you go to the main menu and select Options | Activate menu. It should launch web browser where you can enter your user name and password.
There are two ways of uploading pictures to Flickr or Vox. The first one is from within Nokia Online Share application. Select Options | New post menu. If you want to enter tag, enter “Tags: ” in the description followed by the tags.
Sharing Photos with Nokia Online Share
The second way is from Gallery application. Select your picture and then select Options | Send | Web upload menu.
Download Sharing Photos with Nokia Online Share

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