SkyFire Mobile Browser for Android

Skyfire Labs has released their latest version of Skyfire mobile browser for Android mobile platform. The update can be found in Android Market and the full version is For Skyfire user the update is available and you will get automatic notification from Market.
The skyfire mobile browser is the only browser to support all major Web 2.0 standards – Ajax, Javascript, Flash 10 – it just works. Follow your friends’ Facebook and Twitter updates, watch tv on phone plus keep track of news, sports, video and other content in your own customizable activity feed.
What’s new on 2.3.3? Fixes for 2.3.3: (Updated 9/14/2010):
  • File Downloading is Back! Fixed a bug that prevented download of files via the browser.
  • Some Froyo devices would not remember login info and website cookies. Bug Squashed!
  • Fixed crashes on Sony Ericsson devices.
Enhancements in 2.3.3 release:
  • Fine Tuning! Improved Video and Audio performance on Verizon Incredible, Sprint Evo and HTC Froyo devices.
Fixed in 2.3 release:
  • Startup Crash: For some users, Skyfire would intermittently force close startup. Fixed.
  • Battery optimization, especially when Skyfire is in background
  • Samsung Galaxy S: Better support for Flash 9 to co-exist with Skyfire Toolbar.
  • Find on page: functionality fully working now
  • Exit Skyfire in Android 1.5: On Motorola Backflip and HTC Magic it is now possible to properly exit Skyfire via a long-pressing the ‘back’ key.
System Requirements: Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 devices
Skyfire is available on the Android Market. Launch your Android Market app and search for “Skyfire”. For Alternative download from Android Market, photograph this QR code with the Barcode Scanner or Google Goggles app on your Android phone and it’ll point you to the Skyfire app in the Marketplace. Download SkyFire 2.0 via Android Market
No Android Market on your phone? Just go to on your standard Android browser

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