Elements Interactive: Quartz 2 v1.65

Quartz 2 is the successor of our highly popular puzzle game Quartz equipped with new single player game modes and multi player capabilities. Play with your friends with bluetooth or against Quartz players around the world over the internet!


* Addictive gameplay
* Three single player game modes: Standard, Timed and Puzzle
* Multi player versus mode against other players and/or the computer!
* Tutorial demonstrating the basics of the game
* Cool special powerup and powerdown stones (biohazard, wildcard, skull, nuclear, fire stones and more)
* New and improved graphics
* Relaxing music and sounds effects by DJ PWB
* Game becomes harder as you progress
* Highscore saving and on-line publishing
* Configurable controls
* Accessibility option for the color blind
* Multiplayer compatibility


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