The O2 Music Player brings over 140,000 tracks and 1000’s of artists to your fingertips wherever you are. Browse through Rock,Pop, Dance, Indie and lots more and listen to free previews before you download. It’s like having your favourite music store in your hand. And once you’ve downloaded the tracks you want, turn the volume up and enjoy your chosen tunes. You can get pre-releases, plus unique exclusive tracks and remixes. Search and listen to 30 second previews free and download tracks.

How to use the O2 Music Player:

  • Go to the main menu on your phone,
  • Select the O2 Music Player icon,
  • The O2 Music Client will load within a few seconds,
  • Use your left, right, up & down buttons on your phone to navigate the O2 Music Player.
  • To use playback, press the middle button.
  • To exit the O2 Music Player, press the exit soft key.
  • To download new tracks, select the right key. This will take you into the online music shop.
  • To search for songs on your phone press the up arrow.
  • To go to tracks & playlists, press the down arrow.
  • To access help press the option key and select help


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