MailPass Forgot mail password

Some people prefer to setup a new email account for their mobile phone and forward important email from their main account to the mobile account. This usually makes them forgot what their email account password was for the mobile email account. If you forgot your email account for your Symbian phone, you can use my program MailPass to retrieve the password.
This small (6 Kb) freeware application, will help you retrieve your forgotten POP3 or IMAP4 Email Account password that was stored in the default messaging application of your mobile phone (third party email application is not supported). This is a very simple application, just download the program (the SIS file) from the following link, and put it to your phone (or just download it directly to your phone)
MailPass Forgot mail password

As you can see, for security reason, you should be very careful when lending your phone to someone. This program was not designed as hacking tools, but as a helper for those who forgot their password.
And please, don't you ever use this program on somebody elses phone without their consent

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