Tasky yet another task manager

Tasky is yet another task manager for Symbian OS. Target audience are testers and software developers. Tool allows to monitor memory usage and perform thread / process management tasks I always want to know how much memory a program takes. If some program uses a lot of memory, I wont use it, because it will slow down the system. With so many applications installed, sometimes I don’t know that some application has background process (such as Agile Messenger), and collectively this makes the free memory becomes very low.
With Tasky, I can see the list of running program (including background programs) and I can see which program takes a lot of memory, and kill the program. This was created by TeleSoftas
NOTE:Tasky is not supporting S60 3rd edition FP1 phones (example Nokia N95). It is a known problem so please make sure your phone is not in this list before your download this application.

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