X-Plore v.1.34

Method of installation X-Plore v.1.34 S60v3 S60v5

  • Install X-Plore_v.1.34(all files) from the zip archive.
  • you will get two X-Plore icons one working and other not
  • Now transfer GangClub.bin to !/private/a000bcd/
  • now the icon that was not working will work without the 3seconds limit and the other one will still have 3sec limit.
  • this is full version and no limit you can check by updating it.

Note: please turn off the automatic update of this program.

Note: in case the program stops working suddenly. just once open the version with 3 sec limit and close it, then the full version will start working again.

Download X-Plore v.1.34

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