MSN Messenger for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Microsoft has just release its Microsoft Live Messenger for iphone, iPod Touch and IPAD . Live Messenger is perhaps better known as msn messenger for iPhone application is free to download for iPod Touch and IPAD. I remember that the new version of Live messenger will integrate social networks into messenger like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and other social sites, among other things will Messenger can connect to Facebook chat, so you get the opportunity to chat with all your Facebook friends through Windows Live Messenger. Read Windows Live Messenger Update.
The new version of Apple’s popular devices can handle the most common features, among other things, there is direct access to Hotmail and the ability to share photos.

Live Messenger is currently no where to be found in the apple iTunes, but you can read more on Apple’s iTunes page on Live Messenger.

Download via iTunes App Store

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