World Cup Quiz app for iPhone and Android

During World Cup you might be seeing all football matches and you might be grading yourself as football expert. So how about a cricket quiz, Here is an Android and iPhone App World Cup Quiz. The applciation puts you the questions of the World Cup Quiz turning exclusively to the past world championships, the unsuspecting faces are guaranteed.
Once you install the football world cup Quiz app you will have to choose between different categories like this World Cup or previous ones which are available from 1986 to 2006. Alternatively, you can also answer general questions on topics related to the World Cup. Other categories are knowledge questions on the national team jerseys or the nickname of the player. Finally, there is the possibility of “Random Questions to be answered , ” here are the questions put to confusion all World Championships. Overall, each round consists of 20 questions . After completing the round of questions the result and the time needed for the question and answer session will be displayed.

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