iPad2 Keynote Apple Video

Apple iPad2 was revealed by company at a press event on 2nd March which will hit the market on 11 March 2011. Now if you have missed some bits of that event then you can watch the Apple iPad 2 keynote below. Now the recorded video stream iPad2 live Apple is available, letting you see for yourself as Steve Jobs with iPad2 keynote apple and his cohorts deliver the news. What else do you think this day will be remembered for?
According to Webtrends, people were commenting more about Steve Jobs than the iPad 2:
Well, it just so happens that Apple iPad 2 taped its latest magic show for you to watch at your leisure. Find it at our source link below, and imagine a time before 9.7-inch tablets hit the gym and slimmed down to just 1.3 pounds light. Oh, and we've also got a comprehensive liveblog, if video's not your style.
Jobs then unveiled the redesigned iPad, which features dual cameras, a dual-core processor and a lighter and thinner form factor. The device will ship in two colors, black and white, from day one and will start at $499 just like the original iPad. The iPad2 with Keynote Video will launch in the U.S. on March 11 and in 26 more countries on March 25.

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