Tips to Secure Data on Your Mobile Phone

As one of the big vendors, Nokia has a good security system. Without having to install any application, actual data in the mobile phone is secure if you enable some features appropriately. Sometimes we forget, most mobile phones today already have the basic security system protecting the data that is locking functions with a password.
On the Nokia E71 for example, you can do on the phone lock settings by accessing Menu >  Tools > Settings > General > Security >Phone and SIM card > Lock code. Nokia provided the initial code is 12345. You can change the code as you wish to access the lock code back to the menu.

Secure Memory Card
The memory card contains the necessary data can be protected from the hands of ignorant with the password feature enabled. Go to Menu> Tools> Memory. Then select Options> Set Password. Enter the desired password. You will be asked a password when inserting a memory card into another phone.
To remove the password from memory menu select Options> Remove password. To unlock the password, from the memory menu select Options, Unlock Memory Card and enter the password that was created. 
Folders with password protection
To hide a folder, a simple way. Simply install Fexplorer which can be downloaded for free at Make sure that no other file manager like Y-Browser or File Explorer.
Make a folder in X:/System/ [name of the folder will be hidden]. X indicates the location of the directory. For example E:\System\Hide Enter the files that you want to hide them in the folder. This will also cause the image or video files that are hidden not seen a preview in Gallery menu. Next highlight the folder and then select the Options menu> Settings.
Pull down to menupassword. Fill it with a password of your choice. Remember not to forget. Now, the folder will no longer appear in File Manager or Gallery. The only way to see it is to use Fexplorer and enter the password correctly.

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