Ferrari GT Evolution HD for Symbian Phone

The HD version however does have a few perks that makes it a clear winner to someone who is addicted to N-Gage style gaming. Ferrari GT Evolution HD re-introduces the Asphalt HD graphics engine which improves the overall controls and gaming visuals during the simulation modes significantly. Ferrari GT Evolution HD is quite easy to get a hold of provided that you have played any other similar HD speed racing games in the past because the controls and car movement is like those in a way.
Ferrari GT Evolution HD offers a total of 8 cars, all by Ferrari including the newly released Ferrari California. Depending on your phone the car controls vary a bit, however if you are running this mobile game on the Nokia N96, N95 8gb, E71, N81, N82, 5800 XpressMusic or N97 then you will suffer no lags whatsoever. Game play is really fast on the mentioned devices and works better than expected!
The overall improvement in the graphics is quite a bit which makes this game enjoyable more than the standard version in a way. It presents you the option to control the advanced parts of the cars like traction controls, brakes etc and lets you customize many other factors. For each of the 8 cars that are present in the game, you will see that their respective controls, performance and tuning is different.

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