How to Change icon on Nokia 5800?

Mobile phone for most people is something personal. So that the majority of users always try to personalize his phone. From the appearance or the things that still allows for the customization. Much can be done to enhance your mobile phone display screen. You can change themes, screensaver, or even change his wallpaper. Besides the three mentioned earlier, there is actually you can do is change the default icon with the other icon according to the taste of you. About the icons perhaps during this time we can replace the icon only from theme but now we can simply replace it in the phone.

Nokia has fixed some icons in the newer firmware but theres still a few left.
  • Download Nokia 5800 Firmware v.21 file and extract.
  • Copy “appshelldata.xml” to C:\Private\101F4CD2\Content replace the one already there (back it up first)
  • Make a directy C:\Data\Zylam\Apps and copy both “FlahornSystem.mif” and “NokiaOVI.mif” there.
  • Restart your phone.
This mod will change the icons of:
  • Share online
  • Welcome
  • My Nokia
  • Video center
  • Accessory setup
  • Dictionary
  • Settings Wizard

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