That Roach a Butcher Cockroaches Games

Who's disgusted and afraid of cockroaches? This game could be the media outlet. Join a community of worldwide anti-cockroaches and cockroach-butcher's disgusting cockroaches. The idea of the game named That Roach Game from Breakdesign works is simple. Collecting community cockroach haters from all over the world and compete to be the greatest slayer cockroaches in it.
Viewed from the looks, That Roach is designed very simple and this game was not boring when played. There are several maps that show the a corner of the room, eg toilet floor, the tip of the park, or a shoe rack.
There will be running cockroaches, cockroach that sometimes mischievous taunting the player with silly words like "rotten human being, I'm faster, or scared." Players simply touch the screen game, with the object of a running cockroach to kill the cockroaches. Each cockroach that will die out like the effects of green mucus a little disgusting.

Players can also submit scores to the server of this game, and compete with other players from around the world. Previously they were required first to join the community's anti-cockroach. For information on this game ever become a semi-finalist at the Adobe Max Award 2009 competition.
Download Breakdesign's That Roach Game South Africa v1.30 S60v5 Signed

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