LG Stop Support for Symbian

Before the presence of Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone, smartphone market dominated by the Symbian operating system. But lately, Symbian OS prestige increasingly reduced. Many of the vendors are starting to shift left Symbian, for example LG.

Even with strict Product Marketing Head, Mobile Communication LG Electronic Indonesia Richard Susilo said that the company had suspended sales of Symbian based phones.

LG have stopped the Symbian based phones since last year because it is currently being sought Android era. LG Indonesia for this year will bring an Android phone use only. Richard mentioned, at least until the end of the year 2010, the vendor is based in South Korea will issue a total of four series of Android phones anymore. Two of them have been released today and months ago in March, namely LG GW620 and GT540. The target will have four new series again.

While the roadmap for next year, LG ensure not only the release Android-based devices, but might also try using Microsoft's Windows OS Phone. In fact, LG believes this implementation is not only intended for mobile phones which are presented in the next year, but all of the latest LG mobile phones.

In addition, LG also make sure not only focus on sales of smart phones but also the tablet device to follow a successful Apple iPad.

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