The Big Roll in Paradise Game Sports for S60v5

The Big Roll in Paradise game is based on the popular game of Bounce. Throw balls of different types on different surfaces and challenge your opponents. Explore mini-games and the enchanting hidden island locations through quests and guidance from the resort locals.The game offers an excellent 3d graphics of natural locations which encourage us to continue play for hours.
This game is tested on Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 and should work on all Symbian 60v5 mobiles. This is a perfect game for those who want to spend their free time with their mobile. This game has long hours of play as there are 7 mini games and you have to unlock all the balls and persons through playing Bounce.

The main attractive features of this game are:
  • Excellent 3d graphics
  • multiplayer support
  • Best for all ages
  • Interesting mini games.
Game Details:
  • Game Size:20.86MB
  • Supported Mobiles : S60v5 Mobiles(works on Nokia 5800)
  • Game Type: Sports(Bounce Game)
  • Others: The price of the game is good and worth paying.
Download The Big Roll in Paradise Game Sports from Ovi Store

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