Holy Quran, Pocket Quran Mobile Most Practical

Back in Ramadhan, I posted a blog about Pocket Quran for Symbian 2nd editions two years ago. For Muslims the Qur’an is the function of spiritual intelligence as the pinnacle of Islam. As economic activity and the routine work done faster, human morals eroded virus technology that increasingly distanced themselves, to explore the meaning of Islam through the Qur’an. Holy Quran does not require Arabic support. The text has full “Tashkeel” and is displayed using large, easily readable letters. Fast scrolling and display. Includes verse numbers and division markers.

Now, application developers from the Middle East named ASGA Tech has created a digital pocket Qur’an applications, practical and can be taken anywhere. Applications Islami called the Holy Quran can be downloaded for free on Nokia phones.

The strength in this application is the user interface are carved in Islamic. Eventually users will be very comfortable in operating the icons in this application. There are six icons on the display menu options beginning this application are the Holy Quran, Search, Favorites, Tajweed, Quran Memorization, and Download Audio.
This application can be used on all Nokia phones based on Symbian OS, including Symbian S60v5. Interested users can download the Holy Quran in Ramadhan 2010 Nokia package.

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