Little tips to play Avi on S60v5 phone

Don't know how many of you will, it this is the best way have found out to play AVI files perfectly on S60v5 device like SE Vivaz, 5800, or Nokia X6 with the latest Firmware. DivX Mobile Player is a multifunction video and audio player that can play DivX, OpenDivX, Mpeg-4, Mpeg-1 videos and Mp3 audio.
The last version divx player v0.94 was for S60v3 devices, therefore no touch support. You need virtual keys on your screen, so you can navigate divx mobile player.

How to install:
  • First download the Virtual key
  • Download the Divx player form the link. It has been made for only S60v3 supported phones like N95, 96 etc. While install it will give error NOT COMPATABLE FOR YOUR DEVICE, ignore it and install.
  • Now very important. Install Virtual key first and then Divx Player. Do not open any think.
  • Open Virtual Key and leave it in the back ground.
  • Now open DIVX player and use it through virtual like navigate. (dinesh6908)

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