Nokia E52 Now more Perfect with Firmware v.51.018

Good news coming for users of the Nokia E52. The latest firmware v51.018 an office candy-bar phone has come with some improvements. The most notable changes is included with Microsoft Office Communicator 1.7, and Nokia Chat 2.0 that comes with broader functions.

For users who love to write a document via the Quickoffice application, it shall also have been updated to version 6.2.439.
Features of the latest updates on the Nokia E52
  • Nokia Browser updated to version 7.2.6
  • Cherry updated to version 2.1
  • Freestyle Baseline to version 3.0
  • Additional some new language that is compatible with Office 2007
  • OVI Music client updated
  • Music 3.0 now available
  • Lotus Notes Traveller updated
  • My Nokia in update
  • OVI Store updated to version 1.6
  • OVI Sync updated to version 2.0
  • OVI Files widget updated to version
In addition to the above updates, users will be able to feel some of the new performance will be faster when running an e-mail, calendar, contacts, and Nokia Messaging. For those interested upgrade the firmware, can directly choose the option Applications> Software Update on each device.

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