BerryPopup for Preview Incoming SMS on Blackberry

BerryPopup is a sms popup app for blackberry phones that allows to shows a popup dialog when a email or SMS is received.this app an integrates with SmartAlerts for absolute control which messages trigger popups and which don’t.

Features BerryPopup :
  • Preview incoming e-mails/alerts
  • Open inbox, reply, forward, mark as read and delete e-mails right from the popup
  • Support for and forum notifications (reformats forum notificiation e-mails for easier legibility)
  • Option to automatically delete forum notification mails
  • Disable popups until backlight dims or for a certain time right from the popup
  • Customize positioning of the popup
  • Automatically turn on backlight when a message comes in
  • Disable popups while in the messaging application
  • Show contact photo and customize its size
  • Customize font sizes
  • Backup/Restore to memory card
Download BerryPopup :
Download BerryPopup 1.5.04 OS 4.2.1
Download BerryPopup 1.5.04 OS 4.7)
Download BerryPopup1.5.04 OS 5.0

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