AnimSprite Lite v2.32 for S60v5

Imagining if you have an ant crawling at the background of your phone screen, or maybe a butterfly dancing vividly in animation, isn’t it a cool thing to wow your friends who have only dull backgrounds with only pictures? Well, you neither need to create any fancy them nor need to spend hours browsing through the internet for nice themes.

Note that this freeware is not similar to the animated themes that you used to install on your phone, which will suck up most of your phone’s RAM and battery.
But with this simple application, you can change the animated object easily just with your favorite.gif file that suits the background of your wallpaper.
Now, you can wave your hand and say goodbye to those dull and lifeless background. If you want to add your own animations, copy the .gif file to C:\Data\Animsprite. Rename your image to “Sprite” before copying and you will see your own animated image on the standby screen of your phone.
Download AnimSprite Lite v2.32 for S60v5

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