SMS Backup App For Smartphones

You want to back up and restore your SMS on your on your android mobile SD card? unlike many Mobile users do not backup when replacing phones Many users regularly back up their SMS. Normally when your mobile lost or stolen then this thought comes out only when it is too late and all messages are lost. With SMS Backup and Restore it’s easier to back up SMS and restore. the application is available for variety of OS like sms backup android or sms backup app for iphone.

SMS backup and restore :

Backup SMS messages, backs up your SMS from your phone to the SD card. The text is written in an xml file which is marked with the date and time stamp. So you can create multiple backups and then choose which you want to restore
Clicking on backup is sufficient, and the android or iphone Backup app saves all the mobile phone short messages contained in an XML file on the SD card onto. Anyone who wants to can format used in the settings to change that. There can be a list of the backup folder also determine.
Once a backup is created its on the safe side. To restore the SMS on your mobile, just click on the Restore button and select the desired backup. The program checks either before dubbing whether messages appear twice. For large backups, this process may take some time to complete.

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