Age of War 2.2 Mobile Games for iPhone

One of the best games in iPhone. The amount of content for this game is jaw dropping – 7 factions with total of 56 unique units to command. This game is a hybrid of the best flash games Warlord and WorldWar 1917, making it even better and more challenging.

Age of War version 2.2 is an epic real-time strategy game with unmatched quality in its category.
On the land of Azonoth, you will determine the destiny of one of the seven empires. The sudden rise of the undead army has wiped out all living creatures standing on its way. Western Empire is ready to restore its glory. Ottankan Alliance is desperate for expansion.
The land of Azonoth is in chaos of war, and only one king can conquer and rule them all. You must rally your men and lead your army to battle now
Download Age of War 2.2 for iPhone or for Jailbreak iPhone

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