EneEyes, Smart program for "Green Office"

Although its main business is the field of document management and photocopier rental , Fuji Xerox was serious to engage in development green office. Green Office is green corporations a global term to emphasize eco-friendly outlook in daily activities at work. Green office usually begins by minimizing the energy usage in order to put the brakes on CO2 emissions.

For example, preferring to use public transport instead of using private cars. Also prefer to use conference calling companies instead of having to travel out of town to meet with business colleagues.

In fact, Fuji Xerox to develop software that is currently being tested in various companies, including Research and Development (R & D) Square, a research laboratory and the latest development of Fuji Xerox, located in Yokohama.

To reduce CO2 emissions, Fuji Xerox has developed a system called EneEyes to monitor energy use in the R & D Square recently opened in April 2010. EneEyes is a program that emphasizes visualization of energy usage in real time. The program is able to monitor energy use per floor, even per division on the floor. Thus, if there is a deviation outside the normal limits, then it can be anticipated.

The parameter monitoring can include use of electricity, gas, management of open-close windows automatically based on daylight sensors, lamp room management based on human motion sensors, and even able to calculate the total usage and costs, plus up to calculate how much carbon footprint can be saved.

Green office program also will measure the carbon footprint of each worker, including through analysis of the way or style of a person while working, using what transportation when to work, and how to manage meetings with colleagues and co-workers.

Eco Program Scheduler from Fuji Xerox is also expected to raise the awareness of individuals of each worker on carbon emissions. They are expected to want to change the way you work to conform with environmentally friendly ways of working.

R & D Square Yokohama Minatomirai Office was built in the area of 14,600 square meters, consists of 20 floors, and has a total land area of 135,250 square meters with a total workforce by about 4,500 people. Unfortunately, all indoor areas, from the lobby to the top floor, is strictly prohibited to be photographed or recorded.

The program also tested for free at several client companies Fuji Xerox. For now still free to try the company or college because of the trial period, the future, Fuji Xerox will take advantage of this program.

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