Sharp Galapagos Tablet PCs Coming Soon

Sharp has released new Galapagos Tablets PCs and will be available form December 10, 2010. Both Sharp Galapagos Tablets computers consists of 5.5 inches (Galapagos Mobile Type) and a 10.8 inches (Galapagos Home Type) respectively. What is striking is the resolution. The smaller Galapagos tablet pc has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels while the other Galapagos tablet pc has resolution of 1366 x 800 pixels.
Technical details of both Sharp Galapagos tablet computers are still unknown. However, larger Galapagos model should be equipped with an 8GB microSDHC storage card and WLAN.
Sharp Galapagos Tablet pc price
Sharp galapagos tablets pc price are $ 474 and $ 653 for the 5.5 inch tablet version and 10.8 inch tablet version respectively. The larger model price is less then the Apple iPad 32-GB model.

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