Subscribes free Comics eManga v1.1.0 for Mac and Windows

eManga is a free application for Windows, Mac OS X and the iPhon, iPod touch, and iPad. It works as both a manga-viewer and organizer. Get eManga from the App StoreSM and read your manga right on your phone or tablet.
eManga application works as a manga slide show, accompanied by a library organization and arrangement of multiple tools and functions. Mangacast online system allows users to download the manga version fast, convenient. You can download directly from the App eManga StoreSM and see right on your handheld device. EManga reader applications allow users to read carrie keagan the manga direct from your library.
Feature Comics eManga v1.1.0:
  • Browse – View your library by genre, author, year. any way you want. Find what you’re looking for with a quick search that reveals results as you type.
  • Organize – eManga keeps your entire library well organized and sorted. Keep bookmarks in your bookmark lists.
  • Read – Read your manga with custom controls and fast OpenGL acceleration.
Mechanism OpenGL graphics correctly, compatible with many current graphics card, support users customize the system keyboard and mouse separately. eManga brought entirely new concepts about the world manga system Mangacast online applications. Program contains many works of manga full, continually updated.
Manga on the go.
For the first time, you can have your manga library right on your phone or tablet with mxit apps. eManga is available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad from the App Store. Synchronize your library with ease over your WIFI network and you’ll be set for hours of reading when traveling.
Download eManga 1.1.0

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